Most people seek counseling because they are experiencing some form of anxiety or depression. These conditions are often triggered by loss, life transitions, family problems, ill health, or a chronically stressful situation. Sometimes there isn’t a specific reason for feeling poorly. It simply “comes out of the blue.” Individual counseling is the process of addressing these difficulties and examining the situations and/or learned coping skills that get in the way of feeling good and solving problems. Insurance usually covers this service.

Different therapists have different philosophies about what individual treatment is supposed to accomplish. Here the philosophy is that there is rarely one “root cause” for a person’s problems or emotional distress. Biology, learned behavior and ways of thinking, past experiences, current relationships, ones beliefs about the meaning of life, and the environment in which one lives all affect a person’s mental health. Therefore all are addressed here.

Sometimes people come for help with situations not related to having a diagnosed condition like clinical depression or anxiety. Wanting parenting advice, help addressing an employment problem, or deciding on a future life direction are examples. When problems are not directly related to a psychiatric condition insurance does not cover the cost. However, I do provide brief wellness counseling or consultation for these kinds of situations. Cost and payment arrangements are flexible.