What To Expect

The first face-to-face session is longer than the rest, about 75 minutes (compared to 55 minutes). It is a time for you to share more in depth about what is troubling you and evaluate whether we are a “good fit.” Therapy is a team effort so it is important you feel comfortable.

In addition to listening to your concerns, part of the way I determine how best to help you is through a short Depression Screening Questionnaire found in the "Forms" section. If you are able to print and fill it out before the first session please do so. Otherwise I will leave a copy in the waiting room. The other two forms, Intake and Financial, are only to be filled out if you are going to see me as a private pay customer (no Insurance). If you will be using insurance I will provide alternate instructions.

People usually come here in distress. Therefore, although I will need to gather information and we will need to jointly come up with a treatment plan these come second to providing you help right from the moment you enter the office. Be assured your immediate concerns will be addressed during the first meeting as well as each subsequent meeting.

Thank you for choosing to have services here, and welcome!