Private Pay: Individual/Couples Counseling: $95/first session; $80/each session thereafter.  Payments are made directly to Kathleen P. Hockey, LCSW

Using Insurance:  When using insurance you will go through The Enhancement Center, a group practice.  You will receive more information before we set the first appointment.  I take BCBS, Molina, Presbyterian, NM Health Connections, Medicaid/Medicare, and others.

Wellness Counseling/Personal Consulting (1-6 meetings): $95/first session; $80/each session thereafter.  Payments are made directly to Kathleen P. Hockey, LCSW

Presentations: Fees based upon specific type of program requested.

All taxes are included.

Payment Methods
cash, check, Visa/Master Card, Debit Card

Disclosure about the Use of Insurance

1) You must have a psychiatric diagnosis in order to use insurance for payment. The diagnosis becomes part of your medical record. Depression and anxiety are considered psychiatric conditions when they meet the criteria set forth in the 5th edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V).

2) Counseling for help with marital or situational problems qualifies for insurance reimbursement when it directly impacts or is impacted by an individual’s diagnosed mental condition.  Some insurance policies do not cover couple/family counseling.   If insurance does not cover we will discuss cost and payment arrangements.

3) Insurance and/or managed-care companies have the right to review all your treatment plans, progress notes, and any other information in your chart in order to determine whether or not your treatment is or was medically necessary.  Medical necessity is determined by evidence that your symptoms are serious enough to warrant treatment based on the DSM-V criteria.

4) Your chart may also be reviewed to determine if you are receiving adequate quality of care. This is measured in two ways.  First, by indication that the treatment plan and each session reflects the diagnosis you have received.  Second, by indication that the treatment itself is within acceptable standards for a particular diagnosis.

Some people choose not to use their insurance. This is a personal decision. If you choose this route payment options will be discussed before the completion of the first session.