I have offered presentations about depression, reducing the risk for depression, and childhood depression for twenty-five years. The style is active and by request interactive.  A brief description of the latest talks are below. Fees will be worked out based on length of the presentation. 

For more information please send an inquiry via the message form on the Contact page. Include your name or organization’s name and phone number. You can also call 505-353-2466.


Kathleen Speaking


Childhood Depression: Reducing the Risk   

There is no full-proof way to inoculate a child from depression but you can reduce the risk for it. Covered in this presentation is information about the scope of the problem of childhood and adolescent depression, influencing factors, normal sadness vs. clinical depression, signs & types of depression, risk and reduction of risk, ways children learn, and protective skills.


Depression and Bipolar: It’s Not Just about Medicine!   

Covered in this presentation is information about depression and bipolar conditions, influencing factors, what medicine can and cannot do, alternatives, and practicing prevention.


Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: They Go Together!

There is abundant research on the role of stress in triggering anxiety and depression.  This presentation is about that connection as well as ways to reduce stress as well as the symptoms of anxiety and depression.  Basic information about all types of anxiety (social anxiety, agoraphobia, obsessive-compulsive, etc) and depression (bipolar, etc) is also covered.  By request this presentation can be in a workshop format.


Depression and Faith    

This presentation was developed to reduce stigma in Christian and Catholic/Christian settings by presenting sound information integrated with scripture and saintly examples.  The topics of Stress and Anxiety are also available as part of the presentation.  The content includes how symptoms can affect faith practice and how healthy faith practice can help relieve symptoms.  By request this presentation can also be in a workshop/reflection format.  It can also be modified for clergy, staff, or laity and be anywhere from 1.5 hours to 6 hours over a two day period. 


All presentations are uniquely tailored to the needs of the audience.  Call for more information.